ROBIN  WILLIAMS

                                                    1951 - 2014

Very rarely does a person cross our individual and collective lives in such an important way as did Robin WiIliams.  From his initial coming of age on TV as the ever lovable Mork, to his later works such as Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet's Society and Good Morning Vietnam, he touched all our lives with his humor and deeply expressed humanity.

Those of us in the Parkinson’s community feel an even greater sense of loss with the revelation today that he also suffered from the beginning stages of Parkinson’s Disease.  Those who have this “unwelcome visitor” in our lives also recognize that a deep current of depression often precedes or follows the diagnoses of PD, making dealing with it that much more difficult.  We also recognize that his work in the film AWAKENINGS was the first popular introduction to the public at large of the role of Sinemet in the treatment of Parkinson’s, and can only wonder at the coincidence of him confronting later in his life what he was able to portray so well in this film. 

It is therefore with the greatest respect and deepest sorrow and sympathy that we send out to his children, his wife, and all those that he touched deeply with his humor, humanity and good sense, our collective sorrow for the passing of such a richly blessed star, whose light in the night’s sky can never be replaced.

With greatest love and respect    -    Nanu-Nanu

The Board of Directors of the Parkinson Association of Northern California