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      Clinical Trials



Fox Trial Finder  

Fox Trial Finder is a Web-based clinical trial matching tool to connect those with and without Parkinson's disease to Parkinson's clinical research opportunities that urgently need their participation. After volunteers input information about themselves (such as zip code, date of birth, and brief medical history), Fox Trial Finder provides trial match suggestions. Fox Trial Finder also provides the opportunity for volunteers to connect directly with trial coordinators through a secure messaging interface on the site. 



An information service for patients, pharmaceutical companies and research centers that are involved in clinical research. Centerwatch publishes a wide range of newsletters, books and directories.

  • Review an extensive list of clinical trials being conducted across the world.
  • Subscribe to a free email service which notifies you about new Parkinson's clinical trials in your area.


National Institutes of Health

A resource site developed by the National Institutes of Health to provide patients, family members and the general public with current information about clinical research studies.

  • Find out about current PD clinical trials.
  • Access information describing the clinical trials process


Parkinson Pipeline Project

A patient perspective on new Parkinson’s therapies currently in the pharmaceutical pipeline. This website depends on the work of volunteers; contact the webmaster if you would like to help.


Parkinson Study Group (PSG)

A nonprofit, cooperative group of Parkinsons disease experts from medical centers in the US and Canada dedicated to improving PD treatments through clinical trials.

  • Identify references in scientific and academic journals relating to PD research and clinical trials.
  • Find out about PSG clinical trials that are in progress.       

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